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The living room is, without a doubt, the place in the house that says the most about us as it is the space we use the most. Eating, sleeping, working or relaxing with family and friends in it is the most normal thing to do. That is why it is so important that its decoration shows our personality and makes us feel comfortable and relaxed, because modern life forces us to be practical.

With today's busy and stressful lifestyles, living in the living room is not uncommon, so it is advisable to make it as cosy and functional as possible, so that you can enjoy your everyday leisure time without complications and with a décor that harmonises with your needs.

Tile collections for modern living rooms

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So ask yourself: Does your living room meet your everyday needs? If it doesn't, then renew the décor and go for a modern living room, recreate yourself by creating that contemporary living space that is cosy and functional but with the elegant aesthetics of modern style.

Combine colours well, choose quality materials and practical and resistant furniture and you will get that modern living room you won't want to leave home with.

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Images of modern living rooms

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Porcelain wood-look floors

Latest trends in modern living rooms

If you are thinking of renovating your living room and you opt for a living room, you cannot escape the new trends in decoration. The rising trend in modern living room decoration is to create a personalised style by fusing different decorative styles.

But combining styles can be risky without the right advice, and the end result may not be what you want.

Because mixing different styles, colours, materials, accessories and furniture in the same space can become a real puzzle. To achieve this, use these little tricks.

  • Choose the main style
  • Use a single range of colours
  • Creating contrasts with small details
  • Using different styles of furniture in the same room
  • Don't overload the decoration
  • Use materials from the same family, forget about mixing wood and metal.
  • Use handcrafted details to emphasise a quality modern décor.

In spite of everything, this new eclectic modern decoration is revolutionising the world of decoration for its practicality, colour, versatility and above all for its personalisation because, without a doubt, the decoration of your modern living room will be unique.

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Modern living room design: The interior design revolution

Decoration today has taken a surprising turn, especially in the living room, where the mix of different styles has created a real revolution. If you want a modern living room in your home, with a timeless look that is not subject to changes in trends, then you can update the most traditional styles. You're sure to get it right

The modern style encompasses different ideas of what is understood as avant-garde decoration. It is a way of decorating that is not incompatible with other decorative styles. We can find contemporary living rooms with rustic touches, vintage style, Nordic, classic or industrial and all of them stand out for their cosy style, personality and originality without forgetting their practicality and their well-used spaces for day-to-day use.

Here comes a natural, eclectic decoration with an unmistakable personality in which it is not impossible to see minimalist furniture with the modern touch of intense colours, the more sober classic style mixed with ethnic touches or the soft tones of the vintage style with shiny and metallic touches typical of the industrial style.

Tiles for modern living rooms

At Porcelanite we offer you a wide selection of ideas for avant-garde living room atmospheres that will take you to a fresh and casual style where the fusion of styles will put an end to monotony and uniformity in such a personal space.

It's all about finding the perfect balance for each type of living room by following a few small guidelines, without forgetting that less is more in the modern style.

The aesthetic options provided by today's floor and wall coverings are virtually endless.

Decoration with ceramics and porcelain tiles has reached unsuspected limits. Capable of reproducing the most natural materials and the most complicated textures, they allow you to create the most original and creative atmospheres, just what you are looking for for your modern style living room, as it is the place where we most need to feel comfortable, so finding the right decoration is essential and a real challenge.

Nowadays you can find wall and floor tiles for living rooms in any decorative style. Not only in terms of colours, sizes and formats, but also in the way they are laid to create the most varied decorative compositions that will not leave you indifferent.

That's why, to get inspiration for decorating your modern living room, you need to keep up to date with the new trends offered by the ceramics industry with new catalogues of wall and floor tiles in red body and white body, incredible porcelain tiles and eye-catching ceramic borders.

White living rooms are in fashion as they open the door to combine different styles and create your own personal style, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to opt for a base of wood-effect laminate flooring in white or stripped tones or brick-effect tiles in modern colours that will give you a modern rustic style.

Taking into account the space, the tiles for small modern living rooms that stand out the most are the hydraulic tilesThe most creative of the new trends with an infinite number of designs, each one more colourful and original than the last, to give touches of colour and creativity to walls and floors.

If you opt for a modern living room with a fireplace, why not use large-format cement-effect flooring, it will bring that avant-garde touch to a traditional living room.

Tiles for living room walls are replacing traditional painted walls and stone walls in living or dining rooms are also on trend. While they might seem typical of a rustic décor, new formats and designs in the living room and dining room are also on trend. stone effect coatings They provide them with a more modern and contemporary vision.

Start looking for ideas and decorations for small living rooms and you will discover a new style in the world of interior design where ceramics and decorative arts form a surprising union.

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