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Porcelain floors are the most appropriate choice when it comes to choosing a flooring material for your home or project.

Due to its many advantages, it has become the star material for covering both interiors and exteriors, in both the public and private sectors, being a guarantee of quality and success in the final result.


Characteristics of porcelain flooring

Porcelain floors are mainly characterised by their non-porosity, which gives them high hardness and resistance to all kinds of elements:

- It is perfectly resistant to inclement weather, sudden changes in temperature and frost, so it does not crack or break.

- Due to its non-porosity, it does not absorb liquids or dirt, so it is highly resistant to chemical agents and stains, as well as being very hygienic.

- It also resists scratches, knocks and abrasions of all kinds, making it an ideal material for areas with high pedestrian traffic and a large volume of weight.

- It is a material that is not aesthetically altered by the passage of time and does not deteriorate, as well as being fireproof, fire resistant and, therefore, highly valued in construction.

- Another of its specific characteristics is its easy maintenance and daily cleaning, without requiring extra or specific treatments for its care.

All this makes it a suitable material for all types of environments and design projects with porcelain floors.

Types of porcelain flooring

Within the definition of porcelain stoneware as a material, we can distinguish different types of porcelain floor tiles according to their aesthetic characteristics (colour, format and finish).

The decision to choose one porcelain floor or another for your project will depend on what aesthetic qualities you want it to bring to the space:

Grey Porcelain Tile Flooring

Amb 9535 Perla Marengo Relieve Axos 30x90 1836 Marengo 100x100 web - Suelos Porcelánicos

Within this typology in our catalogue you will find infinite variants, from gloss grey porcelain floor tiles with a shiny finish; light grey porcelain floor tiles; cement or stone effect grey, even porcelain floor tiles decorated in a range of greys. The options are limitless.

White Porcelain Tile Flooring

Amb 9544 Roble 30x90 6642 White Pulido White Decor Pulido 63x146 1857 White Pulido 98x98 web - Suelos Porcelánicos

Unlike other materials that can alter their physical appearance over time, porcelain flooring remains in perfect condition for many years.

This is an advantage when looking for a white appearance for the floor, as white porcelain flooring does not yellow in the sun, and daily maintenance and cleaning is easy.

In addition, at Porcelanite Dos we have an extensive selection of white porcelain floor designs that make it easy to achieve the desired style.

Gloss Porcelain Tile Flooring

Amb 9537 Blue White Blue Relieve 30x90 1846 Blue Pulido 98x98 web - Suelos Porcelánicos

There are many different surface finishes for porcelain flooring. A decorative proposal in great demand nowadays is glossy porcelain flooring, which means that the surface of the tile has undergone a polishing process after firing to maximise its glossy effect and bring greater luminosity and sophistication to spaces.

Rectified Porcelain Flooring

Kitchen Tiles

The current trend in the manufacture of porcelain floor tiles is towards the rectified finish. A rectified porcelain floor is one whose edges have been cut at an exact 90-degree angle after firing, i.e. completely straight.

What does this mean? Greater uniformity between tiles, reducing the joint between them in their installation, and generating a greater sense of continuity in the surfaces.

Modern Porcelain Tile Floors

Amb 9532 Sapphire Sapphire Relieve 30x90 6635 Nordica 21x1475 1841 Blanco Decor Garden 100x100 web - Suelos Porcelánicos

Modern porcelain floors are a decorative trend in interior design. If we want to give prominence to the floor of a room, opting for modern and decorative floors is undoubtedly an excellent idea.

Rustic Porcelain Floors

Amb 5043 Tabaco Det 50x50 web - Suelos Porcelánicos

Rustic porcelain floors are a classic trend both indoors and outdoors. The warmth and comfort they bring to the space are their great qualities, adding a unique decorative value to the design.

In Porcelanite Dos we have a wide selection of rustic porcelain floors, ranging from stone, cotto or soft cement, with different degrees of decoration and graphics to suit your style.

Porcelain wood-look floors

Of great realism and beauty, the wood effect porcelain floors are a sensation and highly valued in interior design.

Its natural elegance, great graphic richness and nuances, wide variety of designs and shades, make this type of porcelain flooring one of the most coveted.

Porcelain floors for any environment

There is a porcelain floor that is ideal for any environment or room.

Nowadays it is possible and very common to cover any surface in a home or contract project with porcelain tiles.

Amb 6911 Roble Anti Slip 21x1475 web - Suelos Porcelánicos

Exterior Porcelain Tile Flooring

When it comes to outdoors, it is necessary to choose a very resistant material adapted to all possible scenarios. Inclement weather, temperature changes, sun, humidity... are elements that can irreparably damage our outdoor flooring.

That's why porcelain tile flooring is a safe, durable and resistant option that will keep our area in the best possible condition.

Porcelain Floor Kitchen

Originally, one of the main applications of porcelain stoneware flooring is the kitchen. It is a fact that this area of the home requires more technical performance than other areas of the house, such as daily maintenance or constant hygiene and cleaning as it is an area with a lot of use.

Porcelain floors for kitchens are an excellent choice because, as a material, porcelain has many essential advantages for the kitchen.

Amb 1851 Light Pulido 98x98 web - Suelos Porcelánicos


At Porcelanite Dos we recommend professional help for the installation of our porcelain floors, because, although porcelain flooring is easy to install if you have the necessary knowledge, tools and experience, to achieve the best result it is best to use a professional.

Porcelanite Dos Class 3 slip resistant porcelain floors have a specially manufactured surface to prevent unwanted slips and falls.

This implies that its surface has micro-reliefs and, when cleaning non-slip porcelain floor tiles, the use of plenty of clean water with pH-neutral soaps and microfibre cleaning materials that do not stick to its rough surface should be considered.

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