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Rustic kitchens with lots of charm

The traditional rustic kitchens are a classic marked by a clear rural appearance, a country style, where the predominant materials are usually wood, stone, clay or slate with walls, floors and furniture with a rough appearance and warm colors predominantly in land tones, where it is easy to find small antique details or decorations in forge.

If you are a lover of tradition, of village cooking, of warm and welcoming spaces, of natural essences, of family gatherings with a homelike and welcoming atmosphere, it is your style. But despite being a decoration that seems reserved for country houses its timeless character make them increasingly a clear decorative trend for the city or the beach where the traditional materials and colors of the rustic style are joined by a wide range of colors and combinations more alive, youthful and cheerful.


Rustic kitchens

The decoration and design of modern rustic kitchens is reinvented.

The traditional kitchens adapt to the new generations. Because everything is capable of transformation and as the rustic style is no less invites you to travel to the past with new airs. Although you do not believe it is a style capable of renewal. Getting that flavor to the field but with a new vision without losing the essence that you like so much is not impossible. And because we do not want to renounce modernity and innovation, the world of decoration surprises you with new styles for rustic kitchens, such as the Recup style.

A style that is based on the restoration and recycling in which all the details are important, integrating each piece in the environment although it is completely different to the rest of the decoration. It is a rustic style with vintage air, in which everything old serves, where daring to mix can give you that traditional but renovated rustic atmosphere to achieve a unique and personalized space.

The different types of rustic kitchens for each style

It is a form of decoration that offers you the possibility of recreating a trip to the past in your kitchen to reach the current moment where the traditional rustic style is fused with new decorative styles in which original combinations of textures, materials and brighter colors gain strength and modern, which characterize the new rustic style.

For those who are married with so much wood but want to preserve the warm and welcoming spirit of rustic kitchens

Because if the wood does not attract you too much and you do not want a space where it is the protagonist, you can combine it or replace it with brick or stone and combine it with materials such as marble or cement, adding touches of color to create a more daring style not only on the walls but also in rustic interior floors and keep that cozy feeling of traditional rustic kitchens.

The tradition in pure state. It is the most rustic that you can find as its rough appearance takes us to the old country house with aged woods, stone floors or walls with irregular reliefs perfect for outdoor rustic kitchens.

Small but cozy. Where the furniture can be of work and without doors to get a wider visual effect decanting by minimalist lines, more functional, without ornaments where combining warm colors with wood will be a winning bet.

Only with seeing them you fall in love with them. A classic element in the rustic kitchens that will bring personality and warmth of home, very topical in the decoration with designs ranging from the most classic to the most minimalist and drag you to a rural world that bets innovation.

Between the rural and the contemporary. They represent the open spaces, the spaciousness of the country kitchens where the wooden furniture coexists with modern marble countertops as a modern touch.

The legendary country style or the popular American rustic kitchens with a character so familiar where the kitchen and dining room are fully integrated and are protagonists of everyday life.

The versatility of white It is an invincible style, a synonym of cleanliness and elegance, a classic color that never goes out of style but where the details are important to get your personal touch. That is why they are an upward trend. And to counteract the coldness of the white combine them with wood or stone that bring warmth and temperament or with dark colors to achieve a more modern style. This way you will preserve the traditional style that you like so much.

Pure sea essence. Marked by pure and natural materials, such as wood and stone, and typical colors of the Mediterranean area such as blue and white extending to the range of yellows and ochres with simple and minimalist lines. A style that collects natural light and the warmth of home.

For lovers of the countryside. Where the pale, soft tones that coexist with craftsmanship and tradition predominate, with textures as worn out by time combined with the traditional terracotta floors with which the kitchens become romantic environments where the purest nature is intuited.

Kitchens with their own personality. If you opt for a vintage rustic kitchen you will find some simply spectacular designs for their originality and brightness with a unique style that opens to personalization, in which a modern style is mixed with an antique touch is the most normal.

Do you dare with the fusion of styles?

The traditional rustic kitchens adapt to the new generations. His new colors, his original designs more cheerful and showy, his essence quality and cozy are reflected in the new trends in ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware. Gone are the traditional rustic kitchens lined with tiles, with tiling up to the ceiling. Today the mixtures prevail. Combine painting with tiling or original mergers of styles to continue creating trend.

Now the new catalogs of tiles for rustic kitchens offer us a wide offer to continue dreaming of that comfortable and traditional space that has been so enamored for generations, creating new styles for more modern and daring kitchens that do not lose the traditional essence of rustic style.

A revolution in the manufacture of tiles, ceramic and porcelain floorings has favored this renovation in which new technologies have provided the ability to create spectacular designs and textures adapted to the new tastes and trends of the current decoration reproducing the most natural materials such as wood, stone or clay, which due to its design and attractiveness are the key to creating that homely and traditional atmosphere.

For floors we find:

  • The wood imitation floorings continue to be protagonists and if you opt for new laminated porcelain with new and nowadays colors and textures you will achieve a modern rustic floor.
  • The so traditional mud effect tiles with original decorative borders for kitchens.
  • The stone effect ceramic floors with all the character of this natural material
  • The new cement effect soils to achieve the most modern rustic

For walls you will discover:

  • The stone effect wall, a classic that is reinvented with new colors and formats and textures
  • The imitation brick facing tiles now with bright and intense colors for more modern effects
  • And as not so fashionable hydraulic tiles with colorful designs and geometric to create original and fun dynamic environments.

That's why rustic kitchens are in hole. Because it is a style that suits everyone. With really surprising and unique combinations. Now rustic kitchens with white tiles are mixed with pachword decorative tiles and cement effect floors. Rustic kitchens with colored tiles with aged wooden effect porcelain pavements. The stone effect soils with mosaic tiles to create really amazing decorative carpets.

They are rustic wall and soils with history, like those of yesteryear, that adapt to the current decoration with colorful colors, retro designs or aged finishes to catch not only the nostalgic of other eras but also the most daring and innovative.

Photos and images of rustic kitchens to inspire you

The aged ceramic wood, the porcelain stone, the ceramic parquets, the slate effect tiles or the brick reproduction tiles. Everyone comes together to keep dreaming and live the transformation of authentic rustic style in original, warm and creative environments for your kitchen.

In the pages of Porcelanite we show you how to highlight the protagonism of that rustic style you are looking for with new ideas in environments for all tastes that you will love. Go ahead and turn your kitchen into an authentic rustic kitchen. Dare with the new rustic.

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