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Exterior Terrace Floors

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One of the spaces that have become more and more important in recent years are terraces, an environment reserved for relaxing and enjoying the sun. However, not everything goes when it comes to choosing the perfect floor for this area of your home, as it is necessary to assess certain elements before deciding on the ideal material for this outdoor space.

Characteristics of outdoor decking for terraces


At Porcelanite Dos we produce porcelain tiles, a low porosity ceramic that allows our collections to remain unalterable, both technically and aesthetically.

The low porosity of our collections makes them resistant to the passage of time, especially when installed outdoors.


This is perhaps one of the most important factors to take into account before choosing your dream flooring, as terraces are exposed to inclement weather, such as rain or humidity.

In addition, if you have a swimming pool, the danger of falling is multiplied as there are waterlogged areas that can cause you to slip.

Formatting and grinding

Aesthetics par excellence for the rustic soils the only material that can meet the durability, strength and hygiene requirements of this outdoor area on terraces is wood, but only a material as resistant as porcelain tile can do so.

Thanks to the different surface finishes available and the wide variety of aesthetic options offered by the different collections, it is possible to create incredible IN&OUT space designs that create continuity between indoor and outdoor areas, bringing harmony and visual amplitude to any project.


Nuestras colecciones cuentan con un volumen de grosor medio (10 mm). No obstante, trabajamos con una fibra colocada en las baldosas que hace que nuestras piezas cerámicas sean de las más resistentes del mercado, ideales para jardín o patios.

Styles of decking for outdoor terraces

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Wood effect outdoor flooring for terraces

In those projects where a cosy and relaxing space is required, wood is the best option. However, it is worth mentioning that this material is not very durable when used outdoors, as it can be damaged by water or the sun.

Therefore, a wood-inspired porcelain tile is a good alternative. Opt for warm tones and get the perfect space to enjoy the good weather.

Exterior terrace flooring cement effect

The natural effect is renewed and the means to create spaces that mimic nature are changing.

Proof of this are the current contemporary projects, which seek a simple look through collections inspired by concrete so that all the attention is focused on the rest of the ensemble, especially when there is an incredible landscape surrounding the area or the furniture in the rooms is to be enhanced.

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Pavimentos para terrazas exteriores efecto piedra

Stone-inspired collections are perfect when you are looking for a traditional and sophisticated space.

The Louvre, the Coliseum or the Vienna Opera House, among others, have made stone a majestic material; given that the latter has a very high price tag, the ceramic version is ideal to give your project an air of grandeur and luxury.

You can combine stone-inspired flooring with slate ornamentation to give your project that Parisian touch that never goes out of style.

Rustic effect outdoor terrace flooring

Recover the connection with nature through the decoration of your home. Rustic inspiration is one of the decorative arts that allow us to connect with the environment through the decoration of this area in the garden or outside the building.

With this option you will see the Mediterranean aesthetic enhanced, combining the floor with decorative elements of esparto grass and wood, to enjoy a family meal as if you were in the heart of Sicily.

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The best floor for outdoor terraces: Porcelain Tiles

While it is true that there are different materials for decorating the floor of a project, why is it the porcelain stoneware the best investment for a durable floor?

Apart from the above mentioned, this material is designed to cope with the effects of summer: the higher ultraviolet radiation from the sun in summer, or the chlorine residues that are deposited on the floor when getting out of the pool.

As the best construction solution for outdoor flooring on terraces, our porcelain tile collections not only guarantee the best aesthetic finish, but are also a safe way to achieve a resistant and long-lasting floor.

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