White Kitchens

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White kitchens have been, are and will be a constant in home design. Both aesthetically and practically, they are full of virtues and at Porcelanite Dos we have a wide selection of ceramic proposals to dress them in the latest style.

The kitchen is an indispensable space in the home. It is a meeting place, a convivial area and, at the same time, it fulfils an elementary function.

For this reason, it is essential to feel completely at ease in it and the key is to design it properly and in accordance with the desired style.

Why choose a white kitchen?

The white kitchen has become a design basic, an option that is always the right choice because it never goes out of fashion and adapts to any decorative style. If we do not want to take risks with the design of our kitchen, opting for white kitchens is the solution.

White is synonymous with purity and we usually associate it with cleanliness and neatness, two indispensable values in a kitchen.

On the other hand, this colour helps to enhance the light and enlarges the dimensions of the room. If we opt for a modern white kitchen, the most important thing to bear in mind is to choose materials that are easy to clean and can withstand daily use in perfect condition.

White kitchens with wood

White kitchens with wood

If we want to bring warmth to our home, white kitchens with wood ensure the best result.

Porcelain wood is a material with excellent technical qualities and beautiful effects that combines very well with the colour white and conveys all the beauty of the natural material.

That is why a kitchen with white and wood flooring is a composition used by many architecture and interior design professionals.

Modern white kitchens

A modern white kitchen, adapted to the personal style of its tenant.

Why? With the right design elements, colours and decoration, we can achieve modern and totally unique white kitchens.

Discover all the Porcelanite Dos proposal catalogue and choose your favourite modern white kitchen combination.

Modern white kitchens
Small white kitchens

Small white kitchens

If the dimensions are small, it is common to opt for white kitchens as this colour promotes the feeling of spaciousness.

When it comes to small white kitchens, it is essential to optimise space and choose elements that do not visually clutter the room.

Opting for custom-made furniture and choosing white for walls and floors will help to achieve this result.

White kitchens with island

A current trend in kitchen design is to add an island to facilitate mobility and add workspace.

The island offers many design possibilities, and white kitchens with an island have become the stars of interior design studios.

Some suggestions are, for example: choose white kitchen and black worktop; white surfaces and wooden furniture and island; white kitchen with worktop and island in a different colour.

Suggestions for giving the island greater aesthetic prominence within the space.

White kitchens with island

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