Bathroom tiles

Porcelanite presents its new collection of bathroom tiles.

Walls and ceramic floorings for bathrooms, available in various formats and combinations.

Until now, the bathroom was one of the rooms in the house that received the least attention from the world of design and decoration, with its functional and practical side always prevailing.

However, this trend has changed radically in recent years and has become a space of great interest due to its infinite possibilities, not only in terms of sanitary ware, decoration and furniture, but also in terms of surface dressing.

Bathroom tile collections


The world of interior design is increasingly experimenting with these types of rooms in the home, creating unique, highly personal spaces with the most surprising styles.

Some of the new style trends for this very private space in the home are:

Amb 1827 Grey Pulido Mate 100x100 9529 Grey Grey Relieve Orizon 30x90 web - Azulejos Baño


Amb 1836 Marengo 100x100 9532 Shappire Ocean Relieve Shappire Relieve 30x90 web - Azulejos Baño

Blue is, par excellence, the colour of serenity, and, in ceramics, this tone can be applied in many forms, finishes and appearances.

In addition to the wide chromatic range offered by this colour, its application in the bathroom can be through colourful coverings, elegant flooring and even sophisticated ceramic marbles.


Amb 1833 Pearl 100x100 9533 Pearl Grey Pearl Relieve Rose 30x90 web - Azulejos Baño

A very modern trend full of possibilities is the combination of tiles in neutral shades such as grey and white.

In addition to brightening up the bathroom, white and grey tiles are timeless, peaceful and convey a sense of cleanliness.

If we choose bathroom ceramics in these colours, we can include a touch of contrast through furniture and textiles to add dynamism.


Amb 1801 Nacar 100x100 8204 Nacar Gris Decor Duende 333x80 web - Azulejos Baño

Mosaic tiles are a very favourable choice for the bathroom, with special relevance for the shower. They have great decorative value and are a cheerful and eye-catching way to dress up bathroom surfaces.

Types of bathroom tiles

Before choosing among the types of bathroom tiles available today, it is necessary to first take into account a series of fundamental aspects, such as the style we wish to convey, the dimensions of the space and the distribution of the elements.

At Porcelanite Dos we have a wide catalogue of bathroom tiles that exude modernity, elegance and character, capable of adapting to the needs of each project.

Amb 9545 Haya 30x90 9541 Arena 30x90 1859 Arena 100x100 web - Azulejos Baño


Amb 9544 Cerezo 30x90 cm 9532 Grafito 30x90 1833 Sand 100x100 web - Azulejos Baño

If we are looking for tiles for modern bathrooms, the range is very wide, and we can choose from more contemporary designs to more sophisticated ones, including a modern-natural style.

A very common proposal is to choose tiles that allow us to combine the shower with the rest of the bathroom, because in this way we manage to unify the space and integrate all the elements into one.

For this purpose, we use non-slip ceramic, a finish that provides safety and prevents accidents in water areas.


Amb 9543 Calacatta Gold Decor Relieve 30x90 1840 Calacatta Gold Pulido 98x98 web - Azulejos Baño

The size of the bathroom is an important factor to take into account when choosing materials. If we ask ourselves which tiles for small bathrooms are the right ones, the ideal is to choose light shades to increase the spatial sensation of the area.

Within this chromatic game, we can opt for different appearances, such as ceramic wood or soft cements, with ceramic marble being a great option due to its elegance and modernity.

In addition, if we opt for medium or large format tiles, the number of joints in the surfaces will be smaller and the sensation of continuity will also have a positive influence on the spatial vision.


Amb 8206 Nacar Natural Nacar Relieve 333x80 1807 Natural 100x100 web - Azulejos Baño

It is generally associated with the rustic style The style has a warm, timeless feel to it, because it is a style for which time does not pass.

The most appropriate tiles for rustic bathrooms are those with cream or earth tones, inspired by materials such as clay, stone or treated cement.


Current trends in bathroom tiles are influenced by many different decorative styles. One of the most celebrated proposals in recent seasons is the natural aspect, where ceramic wood, ceramic marble or stone are the main protagonists. This is due to the sensation of harmony that these types of surfaces give off, and at the same time, the ease of combination that they offer.

Another great trend in ceramics is reliefs, a bet that can be approached with different degrees of boldness, and we have reliefs from the most pronounced, daring and striking, to the most discreet and sophisticated. It all depends on the host's taste.

On the other hand, a trend that never goes out of fashion is monochrome spaces, and the bathroom is the great standard-bearer of this style.


The daily cleaning of bathroom tiles is quite simple and does not require much effort. Using clean water to which some alkaline-based detergent can be added is enough to keep the floors clean and hygienic.

To make the bathroom tiling shiny, you can opt for the same technique applied with a cloth, and when it comes to the joints between the tiles, you can apply cleaning vinegar or baking soda dissolved in clean water and apply it carefully with a sponge.

If a more powerful product is to be used for a particular stain, we always recommend testing the cleaner on an inconspicuous area first.

In order to lay tiles correctly, whether in the bathroom or in any other room in the house, it is advisable to have the help of tiling professionals who, at the very least, supervise the work to be carried out.

Tiles have become a highly valued decorative building material due to their versatility and wide range of aesthetics.

Ceramic tiles can emulate many types of natural materials - such as wood, stone, slate or marble - but they can also come in many different colours, formats and finishes; they can even simulate all kinds of prints and patterns - floral, geometric, textured... - so the options for decorating a bathroom with tiles are endless.

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