Decorative tiles

Decorative tiles: Ideas for decorating

New tiles and floor tiles decorative elements to create a modern, attractive, bright and colourful ambience.

Decorative tile collections

Decorative walls and floors made with design ceramics.

Amb 1216 Sand White Sand Relieve Duna 40x120 6617 Sand 64x1475 web - Azulejos Decorativos

Decorative panels to embellish: Kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms

Amb 1220 Light White Light Relieve 40x120 1850 Light 100x100 web - Azulejos Decorativos
Amb 9505 Blanco Relieve 30x90 9502 Blanco 30x90 web - Azulejos Decorativos

Mixing styles in the kitchen is the ultimate in interior design. Wooden floors with porcelain stoneware and glossy smooth tiles in different colours combined with decorative borders is the perfect combination for a functional and modern style.

Amb 9523 Blanco Concept Decor Silence 30x90 9509 Blanco Mate 30x90 web - Azulejos Decorativos

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