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Decorative Tiles

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Decorative Tiles

Decorative tiles: Ideas for decorating

New decorative tiles to create a modern, attractive atmosphere with bright and intense colors.

Decorative walls and floors made with design ceramics.

Decorative Tiles

Decorative panels to beautify
Kitchens, lounges and bathrooms.

Azulejos decorativos - Serie 2215

Serie 2215 – Revestimientos decorativos de estilo tradicional combinados con pieza cerámicas en tonos grises para diseñar un cuarto de baño.

Azulejos decorativos - Serie 9502-9505

Series 9502-9505 – Cover the kitchen mixing styles is the ultimate in Interior Decoration .Wood floors with porcelain stoneware and smooth tiles with Brightness in different colors combined with decorative borders is the perfect combination for a functional and modern style.

Azulejos decorativos - Serie 2202

2202 Series – The most practical and elegant way to differentiate environments in the same room. Combining different decorative tiles, and ceramic tile colors, you get amazing and personalized results so that the decor in kitchens and bathrooms is something truly original.