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It's true that small charming rooms can be a challenge, but in reality, all you need to do is plan ahead and consider a few basic tips before you start.

That is why Porcelanite Dos gives you some indications to achieve your desired room.

If you have a small living room, you should know that the reduced dimensions will not be an impediment for you to achieve a stylish and functional living room like the one you have always dreamed of.

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Ideas for small living rooms

Small rooms can be made to look visually larger by applying a few simple tricks.

One of the most important and recommended by interior design professionals is the use of neutral tones to dress walls and floors.

If we opt for light colours - which are also a current trend - such as cream, beige, white or grey, we contribute to generating a greater feeling of spaciousness and well-being.

And, of course, our main objective should always be to adapt the space to your needs, avoiding excesses or elements that you are not going to use.

Small rectangular rooms

Small rectangular rooms

The first thing to bear in mind with regard to small rectangular rooms is the organisation of space.

You need to think about the layout and choose furniture that is both practical and stylish in equal measure.

Achieve halls with two environments is one of the most popular options for rectangular rooms. How?

Rectangular living rooms allow us to create a relaxation area with the sofa as the protagonist, separated from a dining or leisure area by means of a small sideboard that delimits both areas.

Modern small living rooms

Modern small living rooms are proof that elegance and functionality are not limited by size.

Every centimetre counts, so making the most of every nook and cranny is essential.

Therefore, in the design of small living rooms, minimalism, strategic hidden storage areas, and modular or made-to-measure furniture are key to creating a sophisticated, contemporary and modern atmosphere.

Modern small living rooms

Photos of small living rooms

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Small Rooms

Decoration of small living rooms

There are certain design tips to help you decorate small living rooms.

The first is to try not to overload the space and go to the essentials, as too many decorative elements can lead to a feeling of overcrowding in small living rooms.

¡Justo todo lo contrario que queremos conseguir! Queremos que nuestro salón sea nuestro oasis y zona de relax particular, por eso debemos elegir bien su decoración y el mobiliario.

As for small living room ideas, we can choose to dress a wall with a large mirror to visually multiply the space, and if we have the option, we can even place a large window that brings a lot of light into the room.

Another trick is to choose suspended furniture or furniture with slender legs, so that it brings air into the area. Extendable furniture such as tables or sofas are also great solutions when space is limited.


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