White Ceramic Tile

White ceramic tile collections

Ever since they were invented, white ceramic tiles have been a highly sought-after and timeless interior design choice.

They are extremely versatile and can easily be used to create bright elegant spaces, making them a popular option in private homes and commercial spaces.

Modern white ceramic tile

Although white ceramic tile could be considered an interior design classic, modern white ceramic tiles actually offer countless options due to the numerous finishes, designs, formats and styles that, when applied correctly, can help to create contemporary and cutting-edge looks.

Choosing modern white ceramic tile also comes with another huge advantage, which is that it can be easily combined with numerous other materials, colours and styles to create some unique and very personal spaces.

Wood is a strong companion to white ceramic tile and can be used to create rustic, Nordic or even minimalist styles. Another even more modern idea is to combine white ceramic tile with cement or marble for a glamorous look.

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the finishes

The two most popular finishes for white ceramic tiles are matte and gloss.

They each bring their own different characteristics, making them more or less suitable for various styles and preferences.

Matte white ceramic tile


Matte white ceramic tile is an elegant and sophisticated choice. The opaque surface reflects less light to create a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere wherever it is used.

This finish is perfect for those looking to enjoy a more peaceful and discrete atmosphere, whether in a kitchen, living room or bathroom. Furthermore, matte white ceramic tile has become a popular companion to contemporary styles because it suits such materials as cement, stone and metal very well indeed.

The various matte white ceramic tile options include small details and natural or cement-like textures, as well as others with stronger aesthetics such as relief and decorated tiles.

Gloss white ceramic tile


On the other hand, gloss white ceramic tile is known for its bright and radiant effect. The shiny finish maximises light and creates a sense of spaciousness wherever it is used.

This type of white tile is perfect for those looking to create a well-lit space with a more classical look in a kitchen or bathroom, for example, where light is essential.

White imitation marble ceramic tile is a decorative option with a strong stylistic impact and numerous possibilities for the contract industry.

Other options include gloss white wall tiles with a relief or small decorations that enhance the value of the space where they are installed.


White tiles are an excellent option for covering both walls and floors depending on the material used to make them.

They can be adapted to suit a wide range of interior design applications. The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most common places where they are used.

White kitchen tile

White kitchen tile

White tile is an excellent choice for kitchen surfaces because it brings a great deal of light into the space while creating a clean and peaceful atmosphere.

Furthermore, white kitchen tile is very easy to clean, which is a great practical advantage.

In terms of design, there is a long list of aesthetic options that perfectly suit white kitchen tile. For example, large white kitchen tiles kitchen have become a growing trend because they minimise the number of surface joints and therefore also reduce the potential for bacteria to spread while providing an eye-catching look.

White bathroom tile

White bathroom tile

White tiles are a popular option for the bathroom too because they can be used to create a clean and fresh atmosphere, two highly sought-after characteristics for this room of the house.

There are many ways to use white bathroom tile because they can be used on all sorts of surfaces, from the walls to the floors and even in the shower or bathtub.

Furthermore, it has the advantage of combining naturally with bathroom fittings and the other fixtures usually found in the bathroom, making it far easier to design these spaces.


Although ceramic tile requires very little maintenance, you might want to know how to clean white ceramic tile or how to remove stains from white ceramic tile as they appear over time.

The answer is simple: regular cleaning with water and a neutral soap will prevent the build-up of dirt and surface stains.

Nonetheless, if you find a persistent stain on the base of your white ceramic tile, you can mix a little white wine vinegar or sodium bicarbonate with water and apply the mixture to the stain while rubbing gently.

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