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If you decide to go for an avant-garde bathroom in terms of decorative style, the latest trends in indoor decoration offer you very different options but with a common bond, simplicity and functionality.

Reforming the bathroom is not easy or quick, usually requires time and many annoyances in the day by day so you have to think carefully every detail. The modern style complements very well with the minimalist style, of pure lines very similar, straight, simple, without large decorative ornaments, practical and neutral colors. But why stick tightly to these rules?

The modern style complements the minimalist style very well, with very similar pure lines, straight, simple, without large decorative ornaments, practical and neutral colours. But why stick rigidly to these rules?

Amb 1816 Caramel 100x100 9529 Caramel Caramel Relieve Elypse Caramel Decor Fantasy 30x90 web - Baños Modernos


The new trends suggest daring mixtures, a fusion of different styles, bringing to the design a dynamism and a unique personality with personal touches to get a fully updated bathroom. But finding balance is not easy.

Playing with the textures, the finishes, the contrasts or with subtle reliefs can help you to achieve that cozy, simple and practical space and at the same time original with sophisticated touches.



Decoration of bathrooms in nowaday's houses

The bathroom has been a space always forgotten by world of design and indoor decoration. A place so necessary in home its decoration has been relegated thinking only of its functionality and hygienic conditions.

But today all that has changed and new trends in decoration are focused on renewing their aesthetic creating authentic paradises within the home.

Technology and innovation in ceramics

The irruption of new technologies has helped, and in what a way, to change this way of seeing the bathroom.

Now, in addition to the purely practical sense, comfort and beauty are added with new hydromassage bathtubs, relaxing showers, temperature-controlled taps, new lighting systems and of course, the newceramic tiles and porcelain tiles with surprising reproductions of natural materials such as wood, marble, cement or different fabrics.

All to modernise a space that had become obsolete.

Because everything adds up to get an ideal bathroom, the intelligent bathrooms of the future, marked by efficiency and sophistication.

The decoration in avant-garde bathrooms is a challenge

Today, the decoration of a modern bathroom has become a true revolution in aesthetics and design and the right choice with ceramic tiles and floor tiles is the starting point to achieve it.

Surely you have not noticed the great variety of designs that thanks to new technologies have been developed in tiling for bathrooms. Both in ceramic tiles and floor tiles and especially in porcelain tile combinations for contemporary bathrooms are endless for their colors, their textures and their original designs.combinations of ceramic tiles for bathrooms contemporaries are infinite in their colours, textures and original designs.

Far from being a cold decoration, as in a gray and white bathroom, the new ceramics can bring you to warm and enveloping designs for your walls with their spectacular ideas

Amb 1850 Light 100x100 1220 Light White Light Relieve 40x120 web - Baños Modernos
Amb 1859 Nacar 100x100 9541 Nacar Nacar Relieve 30x90 web - Baños Modernos

Dare with the new ideas for modern bathrooms

In Porcelanite we offer you a wide selection of ideas for modern bathroom rooms that will take you to a modern and carefree style where the fusion of styles will end with the monotony and uniformity in such a personal space.

Everything is to find the perfect balance for each type of bathroom following a few guidelines, without forgetting that less is more in the modern style.

Tips for decorating avant-garde bathrooms

  • The contrasts are the key in modern bathrooms with showers, combining colors and styles to highlight spaces
  • Playing with the shines and the mates creating games of lights and shadows will bring more luminosity in the modern elongated bathrooms
  • Give a vintage point to the brand new white bathrooms with the new and original hydraulic tiles.
  • To highlight in the painted bathrooms areas with brick effect tiles achieving an original industrial style.
  • Enhance the decoration in white bathrooms with colorful and original mosaic tiles.
  • Expand the space in small bathrooms with the new colors and formats of decorative tiles.
  • Or customize the bathrooms with showers highlighting this area with the new bathroom ceramic in unique relief to achieve a sophisticated style.

Catalog of tiles for modern bathrooms

With a wide catalog of tiles for modern bathrooms, Porcelanite offers you the possibility to create your own personalized space.

Because inside the modern style you can opt for a minimalist design, an avant-garde style or industrial design so fashionable.

And to help you we propose thousands of ideas in our extensive gallery of photos and images of new bathrooms, even for tiny bathrooms of 4m2 or with impossible sizes and shapes, so that you create that modern bathroom perfect for you with the new collections of tiles and ceramic and porcelain flooring.

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