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American kitchens: the concept of open kitchen

It is a trend that has become popular because of the American way of life that embraces a philosophy where the kitchen open to the room gains prominence, ceasing to be a solitary space, of continuous and monotonous work to become a place with a cheerful and family spirit where It is easier to share the day to day with family and friends since visual contact is not lost.

In the decoration of interiors the idea of open kitchen has become an upward style, a safe setting for decorators and interior designers regardless of the space since it provides endless possibilities in terms of decorative styles to create the so demanded integrated kitchens.

Amb 1851 Sand Pulido 98x98 web - Cocinas Americanas


Amb 6611 Vintage 21x1475 9532 Grey Ocean Decor Retro Shappire Ocean 30x90 web - Cocinas Americanas

The new ceramic collections that integrate spaces

In the latest kitchen design trends, American kitchens have gained the prominence they deserve to be one of the primary spaces of the house. Its advantages over traditional, more independent kitchens are unquestionable:

  • The integration, which allows you to merge the kitchen with the living room mixing styles and creating a unique space totally personalized
  • The feeling of spaciousness thanks to the absence of partitions that allows you to optimize the space
  • The light that brings freshness and joy to the environment
  • Its endless decorative possibilities as it is a style open to any decorative trend, from the rustic where the traditional country kitchens reflect their immeasurable personality to modern kitchens where the exotic and sophisticated stands out. Or the minimalist kitchens with their elegance and glomour and the vintage or colonial kitchens with their more eclectic styles modern kitchens where the exotic and sophisticated stand out. Or the minimalist kitchens with their elegance and glamour and the vintage or colonial kitchens with their more eclectic styles.

So the concept of open kitchen is one of the most demanded today and a way of understanding life that has come to stay.

Ceramic to join or separate with tiles and pavements

Discard the idea that the kitchens have to be an isolated room and transform it into a multifunctional space full of beauty and authenticity according to your personal needs and space so that they become the heart of everyday life

Achieving a fusion of the perfect space between the kitchen and the living room is in the hands of the new collections of ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles with innovative ideas. Depending on personal and space needs, we can find two types of open kitchen:

  • - One-person open kitchens. They are the solution to the boom of studio-type homes or lofts that are characterized by very small spaces where it is convenient to eliminate barriers to make the most of the space.
  • - Family open kitchens. Very spacious and bright unifying kitchen, living room and dining room creating a practical space where a relaxed atmosphere is encouraged to enjoy family and friend

The open spaces offer you two decorative possibilities:

The fusion of environments with the same walls and ceramic tiles for kitchen, dining room and living room where depending on the style we can choose from a wide variety of multifunctional ceramic collections for walls and floors being very practical large-format flooring or very fashionable imitation tiles currently

The separation of atmospheres combined different ceramic pieces or porcelain tiles to determine where the kitchen ends and the living room starts being very practical the decorative tiles or mosaics to cover walls, islands or bars that visually help to differentiate spaces.

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