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Designer bathrooms, a commitment to technology and sophistication

Having a designer bathroom gives a new meaning to your daily routine and makes it completely personalised. It is to surround yourself with the best technological features and the latest generation materials that take design to another level. They are intelligent bathrooms that will transform your life and awaken your senses with their seductive powers.

A designer bathroom reflects your way of seeing life, your innovative, sophisticated spirit, always up to date with the latest technological advances. Create that space you won't want to leave with designs that seek maximum comfort with innovative functions and new materials. If you want that oasis of pleasure, if for you the importance of design is paramount...... the bathroom reform begins.

Amb 9545 Roble Relieve 30x90 9543 Blue Calacatta Relieve Decor 30x90 1840 Blue Calacatta 98x98 web - Baños de Diseño

Discover the keys to an avant-garde bathroom

Since the bathroom is the first place we set foot in as soon as we wake up and the last place before we go to bed, we need its decoration to activate us and relax us at the same time.

In today's bathrooms, functionality is a priority. They are characterised by a minimalist style where not only aesthetics but also technology have transformed an environment with impressive designs in terms of bathroom furniture, designer sanitary ware, accessories and high-tech taps. The most incredible to turn your bathroom into a true oasis.

It is a style of avant-garde bathrooms that do not sacrifice comfort for aesthetics. Because every detail counts, let yourself be carried away by the latest innovations to achieve that cinematic bathroom.

  • With new high-tech fittings, electronic taps, multifunctional showers with programmable thermostats and hydromassage systems.
  • With anodised glass shower enclosures that go unnoticed as they do not have metallised profiles.
  • With intelligent mirrors that go beyond a simple reflection, with adjustable LED lights and anti-fogging systems.
  • With the most innovative bathroom accessories.
  • With furniture with Bluetooth speaker system, large storage capacity and interior lighting.
  • Thermostatic bath columns with a variety of functions to enjoy water in all its versions

They are a set of small things that show us the pleasure of design and achieve a decoration of impact. You will discover that the soul of avant-garde style lies not only in unlimited comfort but also in the sustainable use of natural resources.

Amb 9545 Nordica Relieve 30x90 9540 White Mate White Mate Relieve 30x90 1856 White 100x100 web - Baños de Diseño
Amb 9544 Roble 30x90 1815 Negro Pulido 98x98 6609 Negro Pulido 63x146 web - Baños de Diseño

Photos and images of designer bathrooms: superior quality

New technologies, digital printing and personalised design result in sophistication in modern bathroom design. But how to achieve this?

Discover the new bathroom decorating ideas brought to life in the new Porcelanite catalogues. You will find pictures of modern bathrooms, where the new designs inbathroom tilesfill the decor with glamour, sophistication and creativity.

It is cutting-edge technology at the service of comfort with tiles and paving that give character to your walls and floors, an exclusive, infallible decoration with incredibly attractive finishes that will make visitors fall in love. Because design rules... add a touch of gold to your home decoration.

Porcelain tiles and floor tiles: the ultimate for designer bathrooms

The main characteristic of this type of bathroom is its avant-garde style and the combination of state-of-the-art materials.

For this reason, the ceramics sector has been working hard to create ceramics and porcelain tiles that combine design and the latest technological advances.

And they have succeeded, because not only technology but also the world of interior design and decoration have transformed the idea of the modern bathroom where the latest trends lead us to create more natural spaces in our toilet and personal care space.

Amb 9543 Calacatta Gold Decor Relieve 30x90 1840 Calacatta Gold Pulido 98x98 web - Baños de Diseño

Elegance and design for all types of bathrooms

  • Self-cleaning tiles.
  • Antibacterial and odour coatings.
  • Interactive tiles that react to cold or heat.
  • Faithful reproductions of natural materials that verge on perfection, such as wood, stone, cement or concrete to create ceramic parquet, marble effect flooring or imitation stone cladding for the decoration of sophisticated bathrooms.
  • Digital tile printing takes home decoration into the world of art, reproducing all kinds of images to create the most exclusive environments.
  • Flexible tiles that adapt to any surface creating incredible atmospheres not only in bathrooms but also in any room in the home.
  • Extra thin coverings perfect for the decoration of bathrooms with shower.
  • Large format tiles that allow you to practically eliminate unsightly joints.
  • 3D cladding or three-dimensional tiles where the reliefs, textures and volume will leave you open-mouthed.
  • Metallic effect porcelain stoneware where the shines and reflections lead us to an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.
  • Trend-setting geometric tiles with a moving effect.

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