Rustic tiles

Rustic tiles for all types of stays.

Ceramic wall and floor tiles with a rustic effect for Kitchens, Bathroomand outdoor areas.

Rustic tile collections

Rustic tiles for terraces and patios

Amb 5054 Sand 50x50 8208 Sand Cream Sand Relieve Decor Cream Wild 333x80 web - Azulejos Rústicos

Rustic decorations with stone-inspired relief pieces

Amb 5043 Tabaco Det 50x50 web - Azulejos Rústicos

Updating the rustic style and adapting it to modern tastes.

Amb 5043 Ceniza 50x50 web - Azulejos Rústicos

Pieces in 16.6×100.8 cm. format that combine the most functional and practical aspect with the high aesthetic and mechanical performance of porcelain tiles.

Amb 5043 Nacar 50x50 web - Azulejos Rústicos

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