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The moment of deciding on exterior tiles for a project is very important because it is the material that is going to cover the surfaces, being completely exposed to daily wear and tear and inclemency and, depending on the choice we make, we can avoid future problems.

Aesthetically, they also have a great impact on the overall design, which is why the choice of outdoor tiles should be carefully considered and well judged.

Characteristics of outdoor tiles

Outdoor tiles have a number of advantages or extra features compared to indoor tiles.

On the one hand, the porcelain tile is highly resistant to sudden changes in temperature, both to frost and extreme heat. In addition, its appearance is not altered by constant exposure to sunlight, as is the case with other materials.

As it is porcelain, it is highly resistant to knocks, abrasions and chemical agents, which makes it easy to clean. This is important because the exterior tile can be kept outdoors without problems, with little maintenance and hardly any cleaning requirements.

And another of the most important qualities is that the tiles outside the home must also be non-slip, to facilitate transit and prevent falls. These exterior non-slip tiles are the best tiling option not only for private projects, but also for commercial, hospitality and public spaces, guaranteeing the best technical and aesthetic result.

Amb 6631 Sand 64x1475 1833 Bone 100x100 1933 Bone Anti Slip 100x100 6935 Roble Anti Slip 21x1475 web - Azulejos Exterior

Types of outdoor tiles

When it comes to dressing the outside of our house, there are two essential elements to take into account. On the one hand, the façade of the house and the walls of the terrace or patio, and on the other, the paving.

The material chosen to cover both surfaces must be highly resistant and have technical conditions that allow it to remain in perfect condition for many years.

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Exterior wall tiles

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The exterior cladding of a project plays an essential role in protecting the façade of the project. Opting for exterior wall tiles guarantees this protection and also opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of design and style.

Ceramic wall coverings can take on many different appearances, shades, effects and designs. Moreover, thanks to its manufacturing process, it is a very strong and durable material that can perfectly withstand the outdoors.

Azulejos suelo exterior

Amb 1962 Perla Anti Slip 100x100 1 - Azulejos Exterior

When it comes to choosing outdoor floor tiles, we realise that style is just as important as technical performance. Nowadays, the external flooring of a home or contract project is chosen according to the overall design, i.e. it must be aesthetically connected with the other elements of the project.

That is why it is important to have exterior tiles that communicate with the interior and provide homogeneity. Porcelanite Dos exterior floor tiles can be of all kinds of appearances, formats and styles, facilitating their installation and the creation of a global, well-cohesive concept.

Tiles for outdoor patios

Outdoor terrace flooring

If you are looking for tiles for outdoor patios, it is advisable to choose porcelain tiles because of their high technical performance and durability. Whether you are looking for floor tiles or wall tiles for outdoor patios, at Porcelanite Dos we have a wide variety of collections designed for this specific application.

Take a look at our catalogue of outdoor patio tiles, which includes wood effect tiles, large format marble effect tiles, cement effect tiles... the possibilities are endless.

Tiles for outdoor terraces

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When we have a terrace at home, designing it to our taste will allow us to enjoy it to the maximum. Tiles for outdoor terraces are a type of outdoor tile that stands out mainly for its anti-slip qualities, its high resistance and durability.

No matter the size of the terrace or the shape, outdoor terrace tiles fit perfectly and reinforce the surfaces to make them more functional.

Amb 1842 Calacatta Gold 100x100 1942 Calacatta Gold Anti Slip 100x100 web - Azulejos Exterior

Exterior tile finishes

Outdoor terrace tiles can come in many types, formats and styles, adapting to individual tastes and the overall aesthetics of the project.

Some of the most popular current trends are wood-effect outdoor tiles, white tiles and decorative tiles. All of them can also be used inside the house and help to give continuity to spaces.

Decorative tiles for outdoor use

Decorative tiles for outdoors are also a bet to take into account. Decorative outdoor tiles, in addition to their high creative value, do not abandon the performance of porcelain stoneware, which is why they are at the top of the list as far as outdoor building materials are concerned.

Decorated outdoor tiles add a lot of character to the area, and can be combined with outdoor furniture and decoration to create fully integrated spaces.

Outdoor anti-slip tiles

Non-slip outdoor tiles improve the safety of this area of the house because they prevent slipping and make it easier to walk on the surface even when barefoot.

In Porcelanite Dos we have an excellent selection of class C3 slip resistant floor coverings that combine slip resistance with premium design and style.

White outdoor tile

There are multiple shades of white tiles for outdoor use, whether for flooring or cladding. And the fact is that white outdoor tiles have become a rising trend nowadays, growing in variety, formats, finishes and styles.

This is because, as a material, stoneware is solid, hard-wearing, waterproof and easy to clean, making it the ideal choice in white.

Buy exterior tiles

If you are interested in buying outdoor tiles, you can contact our sales department to receive all the information about the price of outdoor tiles and our special ceramic collections for outdoor.


If you are wondering how to lay tiles on the terrace, the ideal thing to do is to plan ahead with the chosen design and the plan of the space to know beforehand the number of pieces needed, the ideal laying format, the size of the joints and all the technical questions. Professional help is very useful for this.

How to lay tiles on an exterior wall is a very common question for which our advice is to consult a tiling professional. Their job is to glue or lay ceramic tiles on all types of surfaces and, therefore, the optimum result will be guaranteed.

The daily cleaning of tiles is particularly simple, both indoors and outdoors. If you want to know how to clean terrace tiles, the answer is with clean water to which we add an alkaline-based detergent.

If you are faced with stains that do not disappear with a commercial detergent, you can use a more powerful solvent. In this case, we recommend doing a small test on the surface of the tile in an inconspicuous area.

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