Ceramic Tiles Marble imitation

Imitation marble tiles: The best way to bring life back to any room in your home.

New designs in Walls and floorings for interiors and exteriors with the most accurate reproduction of the most natural marble

Imitation marble tile collections

Marble effect tiles: Wide range of models, formats and colours

Amb 1814 White Pulido 98x98 6611 Cedro 21x1475 6607 White Pulido 63x146 web - Azulejos Imitación Mármol

Marble effect tiles to decorate any area of your home: bathrooms, kitchens, exteriors and interiors.

Amb 6605 Blanco Pulido 63x146 6603 Nogal 21x1475 1811 Blanco Pulido 98x98 web - Azulejos Imitación Mármol

Environment of a tiled kitchen that recreate the grey marble.

Amb 5045 Beige 50x50 1211 Beige Crema Beige Relieve 40x120 web - Azulejos Imitación Mármol

Ceramics and flooring for the bathroom with the latest designs in imitation marble tiles and decorative tiles.

Amb 5046 Blanco 50x50 web - Azulejos Imitación Mármol

Living room ambience with marble effect tiles and high gloss. Discover the latest trend in interior decoration.

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