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Imitation stone tile collections

When looking for new design inspirations, it is often necessary to turn to tradition and nature. Porcelanite dos has selected the collections from the range of imitation stone tiles which, with their genuine appearance, are suitable for any contemporary architectural project. A material that translates into a combination of tradition and innovation.

In recent years, imitation stone tiles have become the most popular choice, as their durability and lower cost make them a perfect alternative for creating environments with character. Moreover, thanks to their sobriety and realistic appearance, imitation stone tiles are suitable for all residential and commercial contexts.

Porcelanite Dos offers a wide variety of stone effect tiles, as it is a resistant, durable and versatile material, being a valid option for both interiors and exteriors.

Characteristics of natural stone effect tiles

Amb 9545 Haya 30x90 9541 Arena 30x90 1859 Arena 100x100 web - Azulejos Imitación Piedra


Thanks to its enviable technical performance, this material has a long list of advantages that will help us to create a practical and versatile design space.

This is why this product is particularly appreciated by architects and designers, who have the possibility to take advantage of its benefits and its wide range of formats and colours to create innovative and surprising projects.

Strength and durability

Strength is one of the main attractions of this type of material. The porcelain floors are scratch and stain resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures both indoors and outdoors.

They are also perfectly suited for use in high traffic areas. They are also resistant to chemical components and do not suffer any damage if they come into contact with chemicals in areas such as swimming pools.

Related to its strength is its durability, substantially reducing maintenance costs, it is suitable for a wide variety of areas and maintains the same initial appearance over the years.


The composition of this material gives us superior characteristics to other types of ceramics.

The pressed raw material used for the creation of the product is pure and of high quality, which is why the result obtained is an unbeatable material that offers excellent properties for all uses in interior and exterior cladding and flooring, and façades.


Thanks to advanced printing technology the stone effect can look incredibly realistic. It can look so close to natural stone that many will not be able to tell the difference.

Imitation stone tiles reproduce the veins and nuances of natural stone, offering a perfect synthesis of beauty and functionality, replicating with great fidelity many varieties of natural stone.

The combination of all these technical features gives us incredible results and is an option that ensures a spectacular result.


The porosity of the material is minimal, almost non-existent, due to the pressed material used for its production. It is therefore impermeable to water, acids and dirt, which makes it ideal for high traffic areas, as it is easy to clean.

It is also a hygienic material and its impermeability limits the proliferation of bacteria.

Uses of imitation stone tiles in the home

Amb 9528 Grey Relieve Grey 30x90 web - Azulejos Imitación Piedra

Interior imitation stone tiles

Amb 9529 Caramel Caramel Relieve Elypse Caramel Decor Fantasy 30x90 1816 Caramel 100x100 web - Azulejos Imitación Piedra

Opting for interior imitation stone tiles is a daring option, and one that is becoming more and more common.

This type of tile can completely transform an interior room, give a rustic touch to a contemporary space, or turn a traditional space into a modern one.

There is no reason why this type of tile should not be a success thanks to its resistance and hygienic properties.

Exterior imitation stone tiles

Amb 1855 Ceniza 100x100 web - Azulejos Imitación Piedra

The aesthetic and technical versatility makes this imitation stone tile the perfect choice for outdoor spaces.

Imitation stone tiles are an ideal solution that responds to the needs of the outdoors. Patios, terraces and swimming pools are spaces that, thanks to imitation stone tiles, will be a perfect balance between design and functionality.

Variety of colours and shades

White imitation stone tiles

Amb 9536 White White Nur Relieve 30x90 1845 Smoke 100x100 web - Azulejos Imitación Piedra

White gives a feeling of cleanliness, purity and tranquillity. It is a colour that makes a strong impression on imitation stone tiles, as it combines the technical performance of the tile with a serene colour.

Imitation ivory-coloured stone tiles

Amb 1959 Arena Anti Slip 100x100 1859 Arena 100x100 web - Azulejos Imitación Piedra

The colour ivory stands out for its elegance and warmth. A suitable choice for any type of space that requires a touch of brightness. Combined with industrial furniture, the result is a cosy and modern space.

Grey imitation stone tiles

Amb 9538 Ceniza 30x90 9545 Nordica 30x90 1858 Ceniza 100x100 web - Azulejos Imitación Piedra

A wide variety of collections include this colour in their range, because it is an elegant colour range that allows distinguished combinations following the current trends in design and interior design.

Tiles for every room in the home


Imitation stone tiles for bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most recommended spaces for installing this type of imitation stone tile. Because it provides low moisture absorption and has the ability to withstand the passage of time without wearing out.

Imitation stone tiles for kitchens

The kitchen is of paramount importance in a home and must meet both aesthetic and technical requirements.

The beauty of the stone with its variety of shades and the functionality of the tile make this space cosy. The material is also stain-resistant, hygienic and solid, just what defines a practical kitchen.

Amb 9526 Perla 30x90 web - Azulejos Imitación Piedra
Amb 1807 Natural 100x100 1907 Natural Anti Slip 100x100 web - Azulejos Imitación Piedra

Imitation stone tile living room

Imitation stone tiles are suitable for both a traditional and classic style as well as a contemporary and essential living room.

In addition, one of the most popular interior design trends in recent years can be used in the living room: creating visual continuity between the interior and exterior space, thus achieving a perfect solution.

Imitation stone tile bedroom

One of the most compelling reasons for installing imitation stone tiles in the bedroom is easy maintenance.

The use of stone in the decoration of the bedroom will give us a result with a strong style and an overwhelming touch of personality.

Amb 6628 Taupe Pulido 63x146 web - Azulejos Imitación Piedra
Amb 6612 Grey 64x1475 6614 White Pulido 63x146 1816 Grey 100x100 1916 Grey Anti Slip 100x100 web - Azulejos Imitación Piedra

Imitation stone tiles for fireplaces

Cladding the fireplace with imitation stone tiles is a great idea considering the strength and durability it offers.

Creating a continuous visual effect by installing the same type of material on the flooring as on the fireplace cladding is possible, and gives an original look to the living room of our home.

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