Wood Imitation Tiles

Discover the beauty and warmth of wood-look tiles, a practical and aesthetic solution to enhance any space in your home.

At Porcelanite Dos, we have developed an extensive range of tiles that capture the natural essence of wood with all the advantages of porcelain tiles. Explore our collections and transform your home with the timeless beauty of our wood-effect tiles.

Imitation wood tile collections

Discover the beauty of wood-effect tiles

Wood-look tiles are the best example of how functionality and aesthetics can go hand in hand to create unique and personalized spaces.

They combine the durability and maintenance ease of porcelain with the natural warmth and texture of wood.

Ideal for those seeking a balance between functionality and aesthetics, our wood-effect tiles are the perfect choice for creating cozy and character-filled environments.

Porcelain wood-look floors

Wood-look Tiles for Walls and Floors

Whether you wish to renew your spaces with wood-look tiles for walls or you prefer the elegance and resilience of wood-imitation floor tiles

Our selection of wood-imitation tiles is designed to beautify any room

Variety in Wood-type Tiles: Colors and Designs

Our extensive tile catalog of wood types offers a great diversity of designs, shades, finishes, and textures, all inspired by the variety of natural wood species from around the world.

Each wood-look porcelain tile is carefully designed to replicate the unique beauty of natural wood, including its grains and textures, allowing you to personalize your home with style and originality.

Ultimately, on our website, you can find everything from light-toned wood-look tiles to more dramatic tones, treated woods, rustic styles, with large knots or more discrete ones. All possible categories to suit any project.

Amb 1318 Roble 25x1295 web - Azulejos Imitación Madera
Amb 1328 Roble 25x1295 web - Azulejos Imitación Madera
Amb 1328 Haya Det 25x1295 web - Azulejos Imitación Madera

Wood-effect Tiles for Any Room

The versatility of wood-effect tiles makes them the ideal choice for any space.

With a wide range of designs that replicate different types of wood, from oak to walnut, these tiles bring the warmth and naturalness of wood to any room without sacrificing the advantages of porcelain tiles in terms of durability and maintenance ease.

Amb 1318 Ceniza 25x1295 web - Azulejos Imitación Madera

Wood-look Tiles for Bathrooms

Transform your bathroom into an oasis of tranquility and style with our wood-look bathroom tiles.

Their water resistance and ease of cleaning make them the perfect choice for covering floors and walls, providing a sense of warmth and natural elegance.

Thanks to their durability, these tiles maintain their beauty over time, resisting moisture and steam, which makes them ideal for creating a relaxing space that combines functionality with the aesthetic beauty of wood.

Wood-look Tiles for Kitchens

Create a warm and welcoming kitchen with our wood-look kitchen tiles.

Resistant to stains and easy to clean, these tiles combine the practicality needed in kitchens with the charm and warmth of wood, making them an excellent choice for kitchen floors and walls where ease of cleaning is essential.

White kitchens with wood

Wood-look Tiles for Outdoor

Extend the natural beauty and elegance of your home outdoors with our exterior wood-look tiles.

Specifically designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and wear, these tiles are the perfect solution for beautifying terraces, patios, and outdoor spaces.

To this, we can add our finish Neogrip, which guarantees safety in wet or damp areas thanks to its high slip resistance.

At Porcelanite Dos, our commitment is to offer you ceramic solutions that combine advanced technology, innovative design, and the highest quality.

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