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Modern kitchens: a multifunctional space

In former times kitchens were spaces that were mainly used for cooking. That was their role. It was simply a working place in the house that was not given much attention in terms of decoration.

But over time they have become increasingly important in the home, largely due to the changes in daily life, whose needs demand practical spaces that are well used.

This change in status has meant that kitchen designs have evolved in recent years, reinventing themselves to become a multifunctional space whose decoration and design is marked by functionality, minimalism, beauty and elegance.

The modern kitchensThe kitchen is an integrated space within the home that serves not only for cooking but also as a meeting place for family and friends, so having an office area, a breakfast bar or an island is the key to its success.

<strong>modern</strong> kitchens

Kitchen decoration: a timeless style

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New ceramic collections in kitchens

Modern decoration is based on the premise that simplicity is the most beautiful, which is why avant-garde kitchens lean more towards minimalism that facilitates dynamism and mobility.

Perhaps the key to success in innovative modern kitchen designs is their ability to adapt to today's life in which we need a space that is practical, functional, spacious and clean, the unmistakable keys to a modern style.

Modern kitchens are therefore characterised by:

  1. The order, so it requires large storage capacity.
  2. Pure, straight-lined furniture with matt, gloss or metallic finishes.
  3. Good lighting, which is very necessary in large, multifunctional spaces.
  4. The colours, not only with the range of whites and neutrals but also with intense, vibrant colours and striking contrasts.
  5. The materials, where in addition to wood or marble, cement or glass make a strong entrance.

Dare with modern style for the kitchen of your dreams and you won't regret it.

Trends in modern kitchens

The modern style is constantly reinventing itself. It is a free style that is not going to understand rules, and kitchens do not escape from a more dynamic way of understanding decoration, with pure lines and fresh colours.

Its ability to break with established trends has allowed the world of interior design and decoration to fuse it with other decorative styles such as vintage, classic or rustic to create new and cosy atmospheres with a more modern feel.

If your kitchen is asking for changes and you don't know how to decorate a modern kitchen, it's time to get down to work. And that is why in the world of decoration new trends are emerging that will mark the future kitchens.

For small modern kitchens, where you might have a problem, one of the colours that sets the trend is white as it combines with everything, gives you a feeling of spaciousness and has the ability to highlight what is around it and combine it with a rustic line you get a spectacular atmosphere.

And if you are inclined towards modern white kitchens but want to give them a personal touch, try the new designs that create bold colour contrasts or modern kitchens with an island that create the multifunctional space you need in your home.

As you can see, the new kitchens with their mix of colours, materials and decorative lines open up a world of possibilities to suit your needs.

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Tiles for modern kitchens: The art of creating multifunctional spaces

The latest trends in kitchen tiles and their infinite combinations open up the possibility of creating those multifunctional kitchens that are so practical and up to date in a personalised way.

The new models of ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware manage to enhance pure, smooth lines without ornaments or ostentatious details. Their colours go from light tones that provide luminosity to the most eye-catching contrasts combining textures to create the most original and functional kitchens.

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Ceramic wall tiles or wall coverings

Where their predominant function is to enhance light, spaces and design, white tiles for kitchens bring you luminosity, spaciousness and style, and combining them with:

  • Porcelain stoneware for kitchens, which are characterised by their resistance and their ability to reproduce natural materials such as wood or stone.
  • The mosaic tiles, which give a modern and sophisticated touch to your kitchen, will bring elegance and fun to your kitchen.
  • Stoneware wall tiles that are very easy to maintain and with an infinite number of colours and textures with which you can give a personal approach to decoration.

Ceramic floor tiles or tiles for floors

Where a clean finish is a priority, it is therefore advisable to choose a floor covering that is easy to clean, practical, resistant and functional, such as ceramic parquet or stone-effect porcelain tiles, reproductions of natural materials that work perfectly in modern-style furnishings.

They are also very practical in the Kitchen floors greys continuous flooring where the joints are practically imperceptible, such as micro-cement effect tiles that achieve an effect of continuity and cleanliness in urban style kitchens or industrial design kitchens with a more futuristic line where the use of gloss, black and metallic porcelain tiles together with grey provide a sophisticated and elegant air.

And even more elegant, but without losing the practicality that characterises modern style, the porcelain stoneware marble effect floors, resistant and durable, provide a multifunctional environment with the unmistakable beauty of natural stone.

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Modern kitchen models. Photos and images to inspire you

Minimalism, beauty and elegance are the characteristics that inspire Porcelanite to offer you new collections of ceramics and porcelain tiles for kitchens. Its wide range of decorative wall and floor tiles, its innovative textures, reproductions of natural materials and unique colours offer you multiple alternatives that will make it easier for you to create a unique and surprising design.

Why settle for one option when the possibilities are endless?

If you don't know how to get the decoration right, we offer you new ideas for new kitchens in the new kitchen tile catalogues where we provide you with new and spectacular ideas with the modern and avant-garde style that you are looking for.

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