Porcelain Wood-Effect Flooring

Collections of wood-look porcelain floors

Characteristics of porcelain wood effect flooring

At Porcelanite Dos we have the most realistic and cosy imitation wood porcelain floor, so you can enjoy the natural beauty of wood in any room of the house.

Porcelain wood imitation flooring is highly resistant to impacts and scratches, temperature changes and even stains and chemicals.

It is waterproof, so its surface is not damaged by water; and fireproof, resistant to fire.

All these characteristics, together with its versatility and durability, make it the ideal material to cover the entire floor of the house.


Best wood-look porcelain floors

The best wood effect floors stand out for their great realism and naturalness, which even makes us doubt that they are porcelain stoneware.

Porcelanite Dos has a wide variety of wood-look porcelain flooring colours to choose from, as our ceramics are capable of recreating the most dazzling grains of oak, maple, walnut, or any type of natural wood.

Our catalogue also offers an extensive selection of collections for outdoor porcelain floor tiles imitating wood, allowing in&out designs that connect our terraces, patios or gardens with the interior of the home.

Kitchens with wood-look porcelain flooring

Kitchens with wood-look porcelain flooring

The Kitchens with wood-look porcelain floor are very popular in today's households.

Thanks to all its technical characteristics, the wood effect porcelain floor provides a cosy and comfortable result, and at the same time resistant and easy to maintain, two key factors in this type of rooms in the house.

Bathrooms with wood-look porcelain flooring

It is now also possible to enjoy Bathroom with wood-look porcelain floorThe naturalness and warmth of the noble material are combined with the resistance to humidity and easy maintenance of porcelain tiles.

Thanks to its low porosity, it does not retain moisture and prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi on surfaces, improving the healthiness of the environment.

In addition, our finish Neogrip Class 3 guarantees greater safety on the floor of this room, preventing unnecessary slips and falls.



Compared to natural wood floors, porcelain wood-look floors are easier to clean and maintain on a daily basis.

Due to their low porosity, wood-look porcelain floors are more resistant to stains and dirt than other materials, and only require clean water mixed with a pH-neutral floor cleaner.

By applying these measures once a week, our wood effect porcelain floor will be kept in perfect condition.

There are different ways of laying wood-look porcelain flooring, depending on the effect we want to achieve.

The most common installation method is to lay it with a locking system or with a continuous joint, as this is the most traditional installation method for wooden floors.

However, there are now also other techniques, such as the parallel or herringbone installation system.

Remember that, in any case, the floor must be perfectly level before laying porcelain stoneware, otherwise the result will not be optimal.

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