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What will the Cement Floor Tiles Is it the shapes, the colours, the original patterns, the colours?

At Porcelanite Dos we have the answer, as well as a range inspired by this spectacular type of traditional tile.

Amb 1845 White White Decor 100x100 web - Suelos Hidráulicos Cocina

Hydraulic floors for kitchen. TOP trend in interior decoration.

The innovative technology of Porcelanite Dos allows the performance of ceramics to be combined with the traditional patterns of hydraulic kitchen floors, thus achieving high quality, resistant, hygienic and easy to clean wall and floor coverings with spectacular designs.

Don't give up on a tiled floor for the kitchen! Quality & Design are within your reach among our ceramic collections.

5 reasons to use hydraulic tiles in the kitchen

Visual strength and aesthetic power

Wall and floor tiles inspired by hydraulic tiles are a real gem. They dress up any space by themselves, and in the kitchen they usually become the protagonists.

Its mere presence automatically adds personality and character to the room.

2. High versatility

There are hydraulic kitchen floors and wall tiles inspired by hydraulic patterns for all tastes! With vibrant colours or neutral tones, different formats and textures, etc.

The nature of its style means that there is room for an infinite number of designs that fit in with all kinds of decorative projects, both for kitchens and for any room.

3. Great ally to delimit or highlight areas

Decorate only one area of the floor or wall with hydraulic style tiles to make it stand out from the rest, this way you can create a visual delimitation that helps you to structure the space.

For example, ceramic rugs with hydraulic kitchen floors are a very popular choice. They are also perfect for decorating the front of the worktop.

4. Easy maintenance

The technical characteristics of ceramics make the collections inspired by hydraulic tiles highly resistant.

Ceramic hydraulic kitchen floors are perfect in every way. They provide a design plus that makes the space come alive, and also provide the high resistance and low maintenance that an area such as the kitchen requires.

5. Floors and walls

You can decorate both the walls and the hydraulic floors in the kitchen with hydraulic inspired tiles.

Its designs and features are suitable for both, you can even use it as a floor and also add some details on the wall bringing harmony and coherence to the room. The limit is in your imagination!

Hydraulic floors depending on the type of kitchen

What can a tiled floor do in an open-plan kitchen? One of the main functions is the delimitation of space.

Decorate the kitchen area with the hydraulic style tile to visually separate it from the rest of the room, such as the dining room or living room.

A space that wants to stand out from the standard needs decorative elements that stand out, and a tiled floor is the perfect choice for a modern and trendy kitchen.

Less space does not mean giving up on design, quite the contrary. Enhance the look of your kitchen by adding unique details such as hydraulic tiles.

Outline the edges of your kitchen island with ceramic tile flooring to highlight this area. You can use the same pattern to decorate the wall area of the worktop to create a perfect visual connection.

All it takes is a tiled floor to completely transform the design of your rustic kitchen. It goes perfectly with white cladding and natural materials such as wood. A perfect combination of simplicity and originality.

Don't be afraid of tiled floors in large kitchens. If you don't want to overcrowd the space, opt for a less striking design, you'll find models with patterns in pastel or neutral colours.

Colour combinations

A winning combination! White cladding, blue furniture and tiled floor. One of the most used looks in kitchens looking for a trendy style.

On this occasion, the shade of the furniture, darker or lighter, will determine the choice of the model of the hydraulic tiles.

One of the advantages of hydraulic kitchen flooring is that even in neutral and light shades such as beige it still retains a strong personality.

Opt for this type of floor if you don't want to risk too much, you need to bring light into the room, but at the same time you want to achieve an original space.

A powerful combination! Red kitchen furniture and hydraulic tiles for the floor is a risky bet, but it works if you are looking for a modern and vibrant space.

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