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Vintage bathrooms: Free rein for recycling enthusiasts

Vintage decoration is a style that is here to stay, but what is it about it that attracts us so much?

Undoubtedly it is its nostalgic, antique, retro, romantic and cosy air, with details that make it unmistakable, such as bathtubs with legs, pedestal washbasins and antique decorative accessories.

For this reason and for its customisable character, its attention to detail is, without a doubt, a safe bet for interior decoration and, of course, for bathroom design.

Vintage bathrooms are characterised by their eclectic, timeless style, in which different styles can be combined, perhaps that is why they are so popular, for their original mixtures with a clear tendency towards recycled, restored pieces.

They are Bathroomwith soul that achieve a perfect balance between the old and the new. So, join the recycling decoration, exclusive and creative, the vintage decoration.

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Retro-style bathroom decoration: a style to suit all tastes

The vintage style, for those who don't know, is not a closed decorative style. It is a style open to fusion with other styles.

Although the retro style moves between some very particular characteristics such as the use of antique or recycled pieces, retro, aged or stripped bathroom furniture, wood as the star material or neutral colours, it is an eclectic decoration that is open to multiple options, that adapts to your style and allows you to give it your personal touch.

If you love antiques, furniture with personality and accessories with history, this is the style for you. To inspire you we show you some variations of vintage style for bathrooms, all with their own personality but without problems to mix with each other in the same space.

Amb 9519 Beige Tabaco Decor Beige Osiris 30x90 5032 Tabaco 50x50 web - Baños Vintage
Amb 1822 White Pulido 98x98 6615 White Pulido 63x146 web - Baños Vintage
  • Vintage industrial bathroom is one of the most popular styles because of its tendency to wide spaces, gray colors, metallic finishes and old pieces aged by rust that although they usually seem very cold are completed with pieces of sturdy wood to give warmth.
  • Vintage shabby chic bathroom, is a contradiction in itself as it mixes old elements such as furniture and accessories unrestored old with modern ones, avoids bright colors and opts more for pastel shades in environments that convey calm and harmony.
  • Traditional retro bathroom, more cozy and comfortable with softer colors and timeless accessories.
  • Modern classic bathroom, one of the most popular for its retro and pop art style, marked by a decoration with bright colors, radiant and childish touches
  • Antique country bathroom with a more rustic trend marked by wood in its natural color and warm colors.
  • Nordic vintage bathroom whose main features are the white walls covered with wood mixing the old with romantic touches.
  • Classic bathroom characterized for being the most elegant and less overloaded in which the colonial finishes are used.

All of them offer you new options and trends to highlight the antique, mixing it with the modern, the retro, reflecting all the beauty of the pieces of other times.

Pictures and images of vintage bathrooms

Amb 5031 Ceniza 50x50 9516 Blanco Blanco Relieve 30x90 web - Baños Vintage

If you are looking for inspiration to decorate vintage bathrooms, we offer you a collection of atmospheres created with an original catalogue of red body and white body wall and floor tiles, impressive designs in porcelain stoneware with borders and decorative pieces so that you can create your own style and realise a dream that seemed unimaginable.

Whatever the conditions of your bathroom, small, large, square, elongated or impossible shapes, the new vintage ceramics adapt to all options. Combine them to create your own designs based on the ideas we offer you.

  • Flexible tiles that adapt to any surface creating incredible atmospheres not only in bathrooms but also in any room in the home.
  • Extra thin wall tiles perfect for decorating vintage bathrooms with shower.
  • Large format tiles that allow you to practically eliminate unsightly joints.
  • 3D cladding or three-dimensional tiles where the reliefs, textures and volume will leave you open-mouthed.
  • Metallic effect porcelain stoneware where the shines and reflections lead us to an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.
  • Trend-setting geometric tiles with a moving effect.

Vintage tiles for bathrooms: the real protagonists

The vintage bathroom tiles come from the hand of the old hydraulic tiles and the traditional mosaics rescued from the 50s and 60s to create their own, modern style, becoming essential with their creative, original and eye-catching designs and above all achieving that exclusive design perfect for decorating any corner.

Amb 6607 White Pulido 63x146 6611 Cedro 21x1475 web - Baños Vintage

Bathrooms of refined elegance and timeless aesthetics

It is a style of tiles and flooring that allows you to create real works of art on the walls and floors of your home, and of course, for a vintage bathroom where they take centre stage with a unique style creating beautiful patchwork designs, checkerboard floors, which are a great idea to give colour and movement to small vintage bathrooms.

Hexagonal wall tiles with geometric designs to decorate small areas in vintage bathrooms with shower or the multicoloured gresite tiles with a multitude of decorative options drawing ceramic murals or highlighting areas such as the shower.

The decorative combinations are endless, and a wonderful way to create an exclusive atmosphere with a strong personality that will not go unnoticed.

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