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Unify spaces with the new Porcelanite Dos ceramic collections inspired by wood

With the weather getting warmer and the sunlight hours increasing, people enjoy spending more of their free time at terraces and balconies. Nowadays it has become common to find decoration and design tips to turn these spaces into fresh and cozy corners, adding minimalistic and natural details like plants.

This is also a good opportunity for many homes to open their dining and living rooms, turning them into a broader exterior room. The continuity in decoration is a key point to highlight the idea of a single space. This can be achieved with the porcelain tile collections from Porcelain Dos..

Pavimento para interior y exterior resistente y en tendencia
Madera para suelos exteriores para decoración en terrazas antideslizante
Pavimento exterior para terraza y piscina inspirado en madera

Its NeoSkin finish inspired by wood allows you to design an environment with a natural look and a comfortable feeling. Also, the anti-slip finish is perfect for those places in which there is a pool, preventing the risk of slipping and falling off. The high-resistance and low wear with the passing of time is another advantage of the company ceramics, which in high-traffic environments with long hours of sun exposure will retain they color and qualities for longer.

Dare to renovate your terrace and make the most of it this summer!

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