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Ceramic Proposals Autumn 2018

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Brown and ground tones arrive this autumn as a trend in ceramic decoration.

The change of season results in a change in the routine. The long hours of summer sun give way to shorter days, which leads to staying longer in the home. This leads to create pleasant and comfortable spaces where to spend the hours of the coldest seasons.

Las nuevas colecciones cerámicas de Porcelanite Dos inspiradas en las últimas tendencias de decoración son ideales para decorar espacios para el otoño. Una estación asociada a colores claros y tonalidades neutras.

The woodis a very versatile and warm material associated with warm and welcoming environments. Thanks to the NeoSkin finish and the new digital finishes, realism is achieved in each piece that conveys pleasant sensations perfect for any room in the home.

The stone can also provide warmth in the interior decoration of kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms. Although it looks like a cold material, the new tonalities in Mink or Cream give homogeneity and serenity to indoor environments.

Also, the veins inspired by the reliefs of nature give realism and naturalness to the porcelain pieces. It is ideal for rustic environments.

The combination of materials allows to separate spaces and design exclusive environments.

For its part, collections with high-gloss finishes such as marble combined with rustic-looking collections, such as wood effect or stone effect tiles, they give a distinguished and individual result. In addition, thanks to the NeoGloss finish, the rooms are filled with light thanks to the reflection produced in the ceramic.

Los colores tienen un poder visual muy grande y una gran versatilidad en decoración. Se puede decorar un mismo ambiente con una misma colección, combinarlos con colecciones de tonalidades neutras o utilizarlos como alfombras cerámicas. En cualquier caso, los matices marrones y azules crean espacios muy potentes de personalidad única.

Thanks to the finishes NeoSkin, NeoGrip and NeoGloss Porcelanite Dos's new ceramic collections adapt to outdoor and indoor spaces, allowing us to continue enjoying the pleasant temperatures that fall offers us with the latest trends in decoration.

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