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Porcelanite Dos completes its wide range with new collections that fuse the tradition of materials with avant-garde trends.


Porcelanite Dos will attend its appointment with Cevisama in a new edition in which the new proposals for the 2020 season will be presented. As usual in the brand, the new products include a wide variety of styles and materials, always top quality, with multiple decorative options to suit all markets and decorative styles.

The trends research carried out by the Porcelanite Dos design team has resulted in a selection of collections with a deep historical background and tradition of the raw materials they have been inspired by. No doubt, a whole new range of decorative possibilities for covering floors and walls with their own personality and style.

The novelties, inspired by traditional materials

with an historical background,

adapt perfectly to the latest trends

in interiors and decoration.

Ceramic woods in 2020

Referente en maderas porcelánicas por sus diseños realistas y gran variedad de estilos, Porcelanite suma esta temporada la nueva serie Balmoral. Se trata de un material noble de gran carácter, inspirado en los bosques cercanos al Castillo de Balmoral, en Escocia. La colección se presenta en una gama cromática que evoca el colorido otoñal de dichos bosques y con el acabado NeoSkin de Porcelanite, que acompaña a cada nudo, a cada veta, con un fino relieve que aporta a las piezas una gran naturalidad.

Stones and marbles: the trend in interiors continues

La gama de mármoles y piedras de Porcelanite aumenta notablemente esta temporada con nuevas referencias que harán las delicias de los amantes de los materiales más elegantes y contemporáneos:

A classic among classics, the Calacatta Gold marble is represented in the Firenzeseries, a collection with an exceptional aesthetic of great purity marked by a spectacular shine and the contrast of the grey veins typical of this material. Versatile in terms of graphics, Firenze is presented in different textures to adapt to the different trends in interior design.

Bruselas is another of the novelties in this season's marbles. Inspired by the "carrara" family, it has come to be considered as a renewed classic, very popular in today's decoration due to its "cool" contribution and innate beauty.

Bruselas 1808 - antislip 1908

The Mónaco series comes from the beauty of one of the most elegant quartzite in the world, with a very characteristic game of light and colour. Monaco joins the catalogue of stones in two tones and Neogloss finish, perfect for the most distinguished environments.

Mónaco 1217 Grey, white - 5057 Grey

Inspired by one of the most claimed natural stones in the United States, granite, the Cleveland series is born with a marked industrial and natural air. Available in two different finishes -NeoSkin and NeoGloss- and a wide range of colours, this collection is one of the most versatile options to be mixed with other materials and collections.

Emulating the Sain Laurent marble, characterized by its irregular and crossed graining with a stony appearance, Lyonis a ceramic collection with a very rich graphic series. Thanks to the NeoSkin finish the drawing of the grain is accompanied by the texture on the surface, achieving a great realism. For the most elegant rooms, this series is also available in the polished NeoGloss finish.

Verona completes Porcelanite’s stone novelties for Cevisama 2020. This is a pebble stone, with no edges and a silky surface that the company has managed to reproduce faithfully thanks to its NeoMatt and NeoSkin finishes.

Cement and concrete: at the forefront of decoration

Present in many public or private spaces and either alone or combined with other materials such as wood or steel, concrete is one of the star materials in design and architecture.

From the exotic East comes Sakai, a collection that gathers the essence and aesthetics of the tea ceremony, a very traditional and deep-rooted ritual in this city of Japan. It is born from the fusion of cement and stone and generates micro-reliefs that accompany the graphics thanks to the NeoSkin technique. It has a wide chromatic range with which natural environments can be created without architectural decorations.

From the Grand Canyon comes the inspiration for Phoenix, a collection of different finishes that recall everything from the dry sand of this natural formation to the jeans used by the railroad workers and miners of those lands. A garment that has reached our times being totally contemporary.

The Liverpool series is inspired by this sober and unpretentious trend to create a highly versatile aesthetic through its different finishes: NeoSkin for natural and modern environments and NeoGloss for the most sophisticated and elegant ones.

From the cultural fusion in urban design and art that defines this Nordic city, Helsinkiis born as an urban and current cement featuring stone inlays that provide a great aesthetic strength.

+Helsinki 1841 Gris, Blanco - Decor Garden

Maximum versatility and decorative power in ceramics

Highlighted by its clean, classic lines and following the mid-century decorative trendthe Trent series achieves a great visual impact with reliefs and geometry as the main protagonists. It is a white body collection fitting any style and very combinable with marbles, stones, cements and woods.

Find The New Collections

All these novelties will be presented from February 3rd to 7th at Cevisama 2020 through multiple environments with the latest trends in architecture and interior design.

⇒ Discover them by visiting our stand at Level 2 Pavilion 4 Stand B6!

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