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International Recognition

At PorcelaniteDos we have obtained the ISO 9001-2015 certificate for 'Design and manufacture of wall and floor tiles' both in Incoazul S.L. as in Porcelanite S.L.; and to the 'Commercialization of wall and floor tiles' in PorcelaniteDos S.L.

This certificate evaluate that all the correct steps are taken in the elaboration of our products, from the design and manufacture to the commercialization and that they give credit that we are following the correct procedure to produce the products presented in this catalogue.

We have obtained the international certificate ISO 9001-2015. This has been rewarded due to our continued aim in achieving total quality.

In obtaining the mentioned certificates we have been evaluated for the management of all the quality control systems. These include design, manufacture and marketing ofour products.

This accreditation guarantees us as a highly competent company in technical, material and human aspects.

Certificado Iso P.Dos  - Calidad total
Certificado Iso Porcelanite - Calidad total
Certificado Iso Inco - Calidad total