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Decoration and ideas for small bathrooms

When the limitations of space appear, creativity grows. Where the lack of meters could be a problem decorators and interior designers have seen an opportunity to design creative spaces, full of personality, functional and welcoming, optimizing each corner with great ideas that you can adapt to your personal situation

Why should a small bathroom be boring, sad or simple?

Get a decoration by playing with the textures, colors and small details that will turn a small space into a world of color, design and creativity


Small bathrooms


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Mini bathrooms in today's houses

Nowadays most of the houses are characterized by having small bathrooms. The need to save space has relegated the bathrooms to be very small spaces in advantage of the kitchens and living rooms that have become the priority in decorative trends.

But, why to see a problem where there may be an opportunity to create?

Solo es cuestión de adaptar la decoración a nuestras necesidades básicas teniendo en cuenta las condiciones estructurales, la falta de espacio y la iluminación priorizando su funcionalidad lo que no impide que nuestro cuarto de baño sea un espacio elegante, cálido y acogedor con una decoración espectacular, creativo y original aprovechando cada centímetro para hacerlo más funcional y contemporáneo.

The decoration in small bathrooms, a challenge.

Space is one of the big problems when designing our bathroom. There are a thousand and one solutions to create a design according to our tastes and needs and to make a small bathroom modern and functional. Although it is not an easy task, with some little tricks you can get it:

  • A good distribution is the key to achieving fantastic results and maximizing space.
  • ncluding mirrors and glass on the walls or for the screen will help you get that feeling of spaciousness.
  • The bidet is dispensable, takes up a lot of space and is a toilet that is becoming obsolete.
  • Choose more practical furniture, with straight lines and few recharged.
  • Park the idea of a bathtub, you will only manage to create a sensation of agonizing in a small space, the reduced bathrooms with shower are the best option to maximize the space.
  • The open storage areas, without doors also contribute their grain of sand to achieve that visual effect of amplitude.
  • Essential to choose the colors well. Forget the loud and garish tones and opt for light shades such as white, gray or beige that provide amplitude and luminosity although they can also be combined with darker tones to create contrasts and a sense of depth.
  • Regarding the type of design, the minimalist lines set the trend in mini bathrooms with simple design, without accessories or overloaded details

Tiles for multifunctional bathrooms

The choice of ceramic tiles for bathrooms It is one of the great dilemmas that you will face when decorating this space so small and so necessary, because the result must not only be beautiful but also practical.

Decanting for a model when there is so much to choose from in the market is a difficult decision since bathroom tiling is one of the most difficult elements to change so choosing well is essential. It is necessary to take into account not only the space but the conditions of humidity and weariness over the passage of time.

  • In terms of colors, the white tiles with gloss or matt finishes are a safe bet for the walls, compensating for the lack of natural lighting and space in a modest and modern bathroom today. They will give you a lot of light and with the infinity of formats to choose from, like the elegant brick effect tiles, they will give you a lot of play to get the perfect style for you.
  • As wall coverings, the latest ceramic and porcelain tiles with their new textures and reproductions of natural materials will allow you to play with the decoration and achieve spectacular results, creating decorative murals with mosaic tiles or in small bathrooms with shower trays enhancing this area to give a touch of personalized creativity to such a small space.
  • As for flooring, it is better to get away from large formats and opt for smaller or even laminated formats, and if you are captivated by wood, opt for porcelain wood reproduction in laminate format with infinite models and colors that reproduce the original wood, They will bring a sense of depth and adapt to all kinds of decorative styles. But if you prefer a minimalist style you can opt for the most innovative, cement effect tiles that can create elegant contrasts with the design of the walls.

Ideas for decorating bathrooms

The lack of space can not be a limitation for creativity and design in small bathrooms.

If you are looking for the inspiration to design your bathroom, in the pages of Porcelanite we show you photos of bathrooms with innumerable ideas for modest bathrooms with which you can transform a problem into an opportunity to create unique spaces. Discover the wide collection of ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles with the latest design trends that we offer.