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Porcelanite Dos features a wide range of porcelain products suitable for terraces and outdoor environments.

June's arrival is directly related to summer. Temperatures rise and family and social life moves to the terraces, balconies and patios. These are places that have acquired a high significance nowadays and where every little detail turns them into special and cosy rooms.

Join Indoor and Outdoor

One of the latest trends in decoration projects is to unify indoor and outdoor spaces. Porcelanite Dos has advanced technology that allows materials such as wood, marble or stone to be faithfully and realistically reproduced. Also, this technology has made possible the development of finishes suitable for outdoor environments, providing the ceramic pieces anti-slip qualities and highly resistant to high temperatures, making them ideal for any room in the house.

Outdoor Ceramic Collections

Wood is a timeless material characterized by the warmth and charm it brings to outdoor environments. The Balmoral series is one of the company's latest products in this range of materials. Thanks to its NeoSkin finish, the knots and veins so characteristic of wood are reproduced in the pieces of this collection which comes sweeping in on terraces and living rooms.

Amb 6935 Nogal Anti Slip Rect 6635 Nogal Rect 21x147 5 cm - Tendencias para Terrazas 2020

The Cleveland inspired by Cementcreates industrial environments with a minimalist touch. This material, surrounded by natural elements, can become a perfect ally for designing Zen environments. It adapts perfectly to indoor and outdoor spaces thanks to its smooth finishes. A bet in decoration that never fails. It is available in NeoSkin finish.

Tendencias para Terrazas

Marble is a material that is gaining popularity for outdoor decoration. Thanks to the porcelain collections, such as the Lyonseries, inspired by this finish and the surfaces created with NeoSkin technology, the beauty of marble and its characteristic grain are ideal for homes looking for a distinguished touch in outdoor areas and to unify the indoor space.

Amb 1836 Crema 1936 Crema Anti Slip Rect 100x100 cm - Tendencias para Terrazas 2020

Porcelanite Dos features awide range of collectionsinspired by these timeless materials with special finishes in which technology and attention to detail make them unique.

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