Keys to Decorate a Minimalist Bathroom

Keys to Decorate a Minimalist Bathroom

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Solid lines and simple decorations are two strong concepts associated with minimalist decoration.

Decoration changes as society does, adapting to the new functionalities of the home, to the style and to the user's personality. Minimalist design is one of the latest trends that are at the forefront and can be recognized by the purity of the forms creating simple and functional spaces.

A minimalist bathroom is characterized by horizontal, straight lines, the emphasis on natural light and open spaces decorated with practical suspended furniture, which advocates the well-known saying less is more. In other words, maintaining order by having the essential elements. But above all, what stands out most from minimalist bathrooms is the importance and prominence of decorative materials.

Basic Elements in Decoration

The simplicity of the decoration of a minimalist bathroom is not at odds with the style and warmth that the materials used in the design can provide. Different finishes such as stone or cement convey different sensations in the home.

White and colors in shades of grey are the main features of these bathrooms. They are not only found in sanitary ware and furniture, but also in walls and floors. A set of materials that offer different visual textures combining natural elements that stand out from each other. A clear example is the use of wood in different shades in these two bathrooms decorated with the Amberes y Brooklyn series, respectively.

Another highlight of the new porcelain collections are the textured and relief finishes that maintain the neutrality of the basic colors. The horizontal wavy lines that break with the sober aesthetics of the minimalist style. This type of finish can be found in collections such as Tívoli or Tribeca.

Geometric Patterns and Decorations

Smooth, basic ceramics are once again on the rise, but with a small peculiarity: the geometric patterns, such as those of the Liverpool series, have entered the rankings of popularity. This creative touch is used in the decoration of bathrooms to separate environments and break with the neutral aesthetics so characteristic of minimalism.

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