New products CERSAIE 2015
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We present our range of wood tiles, a reproduction of nature with all the advantages that ceramic tile can offer. Porcelanite Dos offers its “Eco Woods”, a ceramic tile that is so close to the natural wood due to the texture, colour, structure and warmth. 

it's ceramic, feel it



We have enabled a new video gallery on our website that allows the user to view all our new items and feel as if you are watching them from here at our showroom.


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3DSuperb: design your own settings

With Porcelanite 3D Virtualdecor you will be able to create your own 3 dimensional settings online, using the full range of Porcelanite tile products.


ceramic catalog


Ceramic wood with better-quality designs and more realistic to the touch. Nature is now possible with Neo.



Textural diversity and modernity for both exterior and interior areas. The solution which thousands of professionals have been waiting for. Stone and slate possibilities present architects with just the material they wanted to bring their ideas to life...


Classic and beautiful marble which unite tradition and modernity...the magnificence of marble intertwined with our new Neo collection designs.



Decorative pieces with floral, geometrical and textile patterns: an infinity of creative possibilities.

up to 200 environments

Stone, marble, wood, new materials…the most complete designs unite under a new decorative concept: Neo from Porcelanite. This new range boasts extraordinary definition through digital printing, presenting an exciting new path in the world of decoration and ceramics.

Porcelanite Dos S.L. presents to you in this catalogue the new collection of floor tiles from Porcelanite and wall tiles from Incoazul, all beautifully complimented with a wide range of decorative pieces.

It's ceramic, feel it .